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5 Reasons to Start an Undergraduate Degree Program in 2020

The coronavirus and current events are rippling through our world, personal lives and careers. But you never know where the currents may take you. It is a time of unprecedented change, but also opportunity. In fact, there are many reasons why now might actually be the perfect time to pick up the school books again, start an undergraduate degree program in 2020 and sail toward a new dream career.

Reason #1: Extra Resources for Your Stay-at-Home Environment

Admissions offices are coming to you. Colleges and universities are re-examining longstanding practices, loosening requirements and rolling out new initiatives to better support students during this time. As an example, students often physically travel to a top school choice as part of a traditional admissions process. That is not an option right now, and schools have made extra accommodations as a result. From new individualized online counseling services to virtual tours, there are expanded admissions resources that allow you to fully participate from the comfort and safety of your home. 

Reason #2: Lighter Admissions Requirements

Schools are crossing off tasks from your to-do list. Many higher education institutions are being extra flexible with admissions dates and overall activities for those enrolling in undergraduate degree programs in 2020 and next year. For one, a growing number of colleges and universities are moving toward “test-optional” policies or simply removing the SAT/ ACT as a requirement for admissions. For students, this can mean a speedier process and lower overall costs.

In addition, extracurricular activities are not being weighed as heavily in the current environment. In its place, many schools are taking personal contributions to family and community into consideration. These activities are often easier for students to complete while managing other day-to-day responsibilities.

Reason #3: Expanded Online Degree Programs

Dream big from your dining room table. There are more online undergraduate degree programs — certificates, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, more — than ever before. The online trend has been happening for some time now, but the pandemic just put it in overdrive. A number of schools are now offering online programs as part of reopening plans — some for the first time. A recent study of approximately 3,000 higher education institutions showed that nearly half have chosen to offer fully online programs or hybrid options, a mix of online and in-person, for the Fall 2020 semester.

The online degree program trend is expected to stay. It’s growing in popularity for students of all kinds — from those who are employed and taking classes part-time to those just graduating from high school. Some are even considering two-year online degree programs and then transferring to a four-year school in the future. The benefits are vast. Being able to study and earn a degree from any location, including rural settings. Not to mention, some programs even allow students to take an expedited path and graduate faster. 

Reason #4: More Student Flexibility and Accessibility

Unsure of your schedule right now? You’re not alone. The good news is: Schools are taking this into consideration. In fact, many virtual degree programs are employing asynchronous learning. This means students can choose to learn and put in online classroom hours based on their own schedule. It also means the ability to focus on helping children “Zoom-school” from home or care for a sick loved one without getting behind. Lectures, assignments and course materials are accessible at any time.

Reason #5: A Renewed Focus on Skills

Catch the eye of employers with a modern skillset. The pandemic has uncovered countless new insights, including where the future of work is headed. Many employers are transitioning to remote-first roles. Experts expect the trend to stick. So, the ability to be effective in a virtual setting — such as in an online degree program — will certainly be valued by future hiring managers.

It has also highlighted which roles are deemed essential to communities, which industries could use extra employee resources and which will be shifting to better serve the needs of future generations. This is invaluable information — especially for students determining a postsecondary degree path. Students can be more strategic when selecting an undergraduate degree program — one that will open doors to the most important upcoming and in-demand job opportunities.


In all, you don’t have to postpone your progress, future plans or postsecondary degree. Ready to consider all of the many higher education options? We can help point you in the right direction by matching you with the undergraduate degree program in 2020 best fit to your personal goals. Enrollment Advisor features the top schools and flexible degree programs to fit busy adult student schedules and so much more.

It’s time to take the next step. Get started on and find your undergraduate degree program in 2020 today!