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Be Your Own Boss: Degrees to Prepare for Self-Employment

Dreamed of owning a business ever since that lemonade stand when you were little? It might be time to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit as a self-employed business owner. Here are some professional paths and postsecondary degrees to prepare for self-employment. These programs can help you get ready to become your own boss.


Consider a: Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA)

Become a Self-Employed: Management Analyst, Consultant, More

If you’re still deciding on a business direction, completing a Business Administration degree program might be a good fit. You may study such topics as finance, advertising, operations management, human resources, business law, and more. It will provide you with a strong foundation and skill set to be successful in a variety of different industries. In fact, a BBA could help you become a self-employed management analyst. These professionals act as a neutral third party, identifying inefficiencies within companies and developing strategies for improvement. It’s one of the highest-earning and fastest-growing career paths for the self-employed.

Potential Self-Employment Earnings: Varies. In 2016, the median annual income for all self-employed professionals was around $32,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). At the other end of the spectrum, many management analysts made an annual salary of $85,260 in 2019.

Consider a: Cosmetology Training Program

Become a Self-Employed: Cosmetologist, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, More

Seeking a cosmetology license to open the doors to the beauty industry? Before you can create that epic balayage, you’ll first need to complete your state’s requirement for training. This can be done in a Cosmetology Training Program, which often takes one to two years to complete. These flexible programs explore haircutting techniques, skincare, manicure procedures, proper sanitation, and more. This field is known for its flexibility! As a self-employed professional, you may work in a salon, spa — or even out of your home-based hair studio.

Potential Self-Employment Earnings: Many cosmetologists earned around $26,000 as an annual wage in 2019.

Consider a: Bachelor of Science in Construction Science

Become a Self-Employed: Construction Manager, More

With a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Science, you may have the opportunity to build tall buildings while you earn high wages. Construction degree programs cover project management, building codes, budgets, safety, and more. As a construction manager, you’re the key decision-maker behind every step in the project. The role requires everything from people skills to mathematical prowess. No cubicles here. Construction managers spend the bulk of their time on construction sites. And self-employment is popular: More than 36 percent of construction managers will be self-employed by 2026.

Potential Self-Employment Earnings: Construction managers took home a median annual wage of $95,260 per year in 2019. Earnings vary widely from state to state.

Consider a: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting

Become a Self-Employed: Personal Financial Advisor, More

Budgeting always been a no-brainer? A BBA in Accounting might be a great fit for your sharp analytical skill set. This postsecondary degree program covers tax law, risk management, key accounting principles, ethics, and more. It’s one of the many degree programs that can help land you a role as a personal financial advisor. Many self-employed advisors work with individuals to help solve personal financial puzzles and develop strategies to safeguard their financial futures.

Potential Self-Employment Earnings In 2019, personal financial advisors made a median income of $87,850.


It’s time to choose your own self-employment adventure! And it all starts with the right postsecondary degree program. These are just a few of the countless degree options and in-demand career paths available. Enrollment Advisor features the top schools and flexible degree programs to fit busy adult student schedules and so much more.

It’s time to take the next step. Get started on and find your degree to prepare for self-employment today!